Noi-Nar Ka Ti (Custard Apple in Coconut Cream)

A custard apple is ripe when you gently squeeze it and it gives slightly under your hand. Much the same as an avocado. You can buy custard apples ready to eat, or still hard to the touch and let it ripen over the next few days after purchase.

If you want to hasten the ripening process then simply put the fruit into a brown paper bag with a banana and leave it on the kitchen bench. The banana will accelerate the ripening of the custard apple.

Custard Apples are only eaten when soft, and only the flesh is eaten. To eat, simply cut in half and scoop out the white flesh. The Custard Apple should be moist with a pleasant sweet aroma. Once ripe, custard apples can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days. Once the skin has gone purple or black, they have passed their best eating quality.

Kha-Nom Sa Li (Thai Steamed Egg Cake)

Kha-Nom Sa Li or Thai Steamed Egg Cake  is one of the auspicious sweets of Thailand, we believed that make life flourished and multiplied.  We most use in ceremony.   Texture of the pastry is light and fluffy and sweet aroma. Kha-Nom Sa Lee texture like sponge cake, the flavor is not too sweet  and it is very solf.

White Chaw-Moung and shrimp (Khanom Chaw-Moung Sri-Khaw sai koong)

Khanom Chaw-moung  or Steamed dark indigo flower flour with filling is another Thai dessert.  This dessert not easy to find present.  But for this recipe I didn’t  use any color filling, It is the natural color of the flour used... Because today we find it very difficult indigo flower.  But the lack of color makes the dessert  look clean and tasty.   But if you really want to taste I suggest try to do by yourself  better then out to find from somewhere else.   It’s more difficult to find.    This dessert will consist of 2 parts white is part of the flour and the mincemeat is filling….

Orange in Syrup (Som nai Nam-Chuem)

Fresh Thai tangerines have a highly aromatic thin greenish-yellow peel and are refreshingly sweet when ripe, perfect when served as fresh fruit or as a juice or cocktail mixer. To make the most of its delicate refreshing taste, oranges are served in a very light syrup on crushed ice.

Khow Nieow Bpiak Khow-pod (Sticky Rice with Sweet Corn and Coconut Milk)

Thai Sweet corn is a type of maize that is high in sugar and is considered a vegetable rather than a fruit. Grown throughout the northern parts of Thailand, sweet corn is the result of a natural-occurring recessive mutation in corn genes which control conversion of sugar to starch inside the endosperm of the corn kernel. Unlike field corn varieties that are harvested when the kernels are dry and mature (dent stage), sweet corn is picked while the corn is immature (milk stage) and is eaten as a vegetable, rather than a grain. Since the process of maturation involves converting sugar into starch, sweet corn stores poorly and must be eaten fresh, canned, or frozen before the kernel become tough and starchy. Sweet corn is very common within the Thai cuisine. The uses of the corn range from being eaten by it self to incorporated in salad, stir-fry’s, soups and desserts. Because of its sweet and crunchy taste the combining sweet corn in to any cuisine is quite simple as it is appropriate for a variety of flavors and texture is a pleasant addition to many dishes.  And here I glad to present you sweet corn dessert in coconut milk.

Thai Sweet Rice Crackers.

Organic Thai Rice Crack­ers are a deli­cious tra­di­tional Thai snack made from crunchy puffed brown or white rice. These glu­ten free,dairy free treats are hand-made using organ­ic­ally grown pro­duce and are ideal for a healthy snack,kids’ lunch boxes,party nibbles,or an after­noon treat.

Cha Yen (Iced Tea)

First of all, try to get a pack of Thai tea which is available at most Thai groceries. You may also want to get two cans of sweetened milk, also available in most oriental grocery.

Fresh Mango Juice (Nam Ma-Muang)

Mango has a great nutritional value as it contains high amount of vitamin A,B,C,E, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber. The packed nutritional goodness helps the immune system to fight against infections like cough, influenza, pimples, acne, fever, measles, typhoid, tuberculosis, eye disorders, heat stroke and diabetes.

Mango can easily be incorporated into beverages, smoothies, jams, yogurt and other dessert mixes, milkshakes, mousses and a number of dairy products. Today I prefer to do the juice…