Steamed Carving Pumpkin custard with golden threads hotel style

This pumpkin custard with special carve top with golden threads aka Sang-Ka-Ya Fak Thong nar Foi Thong or สังขยาฟักทองหน้าฝอยทอง in Thai langue.

I've been posting for a long time in 2008. That's a typical one. Today I have a special design.
To impress visitors. Let's talk about the origin of custard slightly before we do.

Custard in Thailand is a confectionery that is influenced by Portuguese. Popular with glutinous rice. Or put in a pumpkin Taro or coconut, then steamed to a different kind of custard with bread.


3 KG. pumpkin (size by the photo)5 duck eggs1 KG. coconut milk300 g. palm sugar0.5 KG.Golden threads
Carve a pumpkin beautifully. Pour it out like a small pot or look like a pot with a cover.Wash with brine And pat dry. On the stove to boil water. Bring carve the pumpkin steamed to 80% or until almost cooked.While steaming prepare to make custard.In a mixing bowl you poor coconut milk into at first.Add palm sugar, stir and mixed well. (Usually …

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