Kha-nom Chan (Multi-Layer Sweet)

Multi-Layer Sweet or "Khanom Chan" layered cake means higher promotion. Some Thai people decorates in forms the flower , the heart or the lovely animal such as rabbits or fish there are nine ... they believe it is good luck. And this symbolizes for the bride and groom mean moving forward in life and building family together.

  • To make the jasmine essence water, soak the jasmines in the water in a bowl overnight close the cover.
  • To make pandan green colouring, slice the pandan leaves and Pound or blend with 1 cup of jasmine essence water. Remove it's chip.
  • Heat the jasmine essence water and coconut milk in a pot, stir frequently until cooked. Leave to warm. Pour into a big bowl.
  • Put all kind of flour into the bowl and knead well. Set aside.
  • Boil the sugar and jasmine essence water, simmer until the syrup become thick.
  • Separate the flour into two bowls.
  • Mix the colouring with the first part of flour.
  • So one part of flour is green another is white.
  • Pour white flour into a tray to make the first thin layer and steam.
  • Remove from the steamer.
  • Pour green flour into a tray to make the second thin layer and steam.
  • Remove from the steamer.
  • Repeat again and again until fine.
  • The last layer should be green.
  • Leave to cool , cut into pieces to serve.