Sakoo Paik Ma Prow-On (Tapioca Pudding with Young Coconut)

Tapioca pudding with young coconut or know as a “Sakoo Paik ma prow-on” is a perfect dessert for a cold night. The wonderful young coconut scent is truly delightful and reminds me of summer.

  • Boil tapioca in water. Use low heat and stir constantly to prevent the bottom from sticking. The tapioca will be done when it is nearly all clear (no more white balls).
  • Slice the young coconut into thin strips.
  • Add sugar to the boiling tapioca - use more or less sugar depending on your sweet tooth
  • Add the coconut strips, stir and bring it back up to a boil then turn the heat off.
  • In a small cup, dissolve salt in coconut milk and warm it up in a microwave for a few second.
  • Don't let the coconut milk boil.
  • Scoop up the tapioca pudding into a small bowl.
  • Add coconut milk a few tablespoon on top and serve hot.