Lod Chong Nam Ka Ti (Pandan Noodles with Coconut Milk)

This sweet Pandan Noodles with Coconut Milk or "Lod Chong Nam Ka Ti" called in Thai and serve with ice on top. Famous summer recipe.

  • 2 cups of rice flour
  • 1 cup of palm sugar
  • 1/2 cup of concentrated pandanus squeeze
  • 7 cups of red lime water
  • 2 cups of coconut milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt 
  • Knead rice flour with pandanus squeeze and red lime water, add it little by little until it well combine.
  • Filter with white and thin fabric.
  • Add rice flour to brass pan and put it on fire. 
  • Stir it until it sticky but do not let it too dry or waterly.
  • Pour cool water to basin.
  • Pour pandanus squeeze to can which has medium hole around the bottom then press and let ingredient come out from that hole to cool water.
  • Try to change water if you see it become hot.
  • Mix coconut milk with palm sugar and salt and boil it.
  • When serve, mix lod chong with coconut milk and add some little ice on top.