Tua Krop Kaew (Caramel Peanuts with Sasame)

I love eating all kind of "Nuts" such as peanut bar, boiled peanuts, toasted peanuts, deepfried peanuts, etc. Today I am going to show you how to make "Caramel Peanuts sasame". I don’t know if you know this dessert snack?? Caramel Peanuts with Sasame in Thai called "Tua Krop Kaew"

  • 250 g. unpeeled raw peanuts
  • 250 g. white sugar
  • ½ tbs salt
  • 2 tbs Ovaltine or instant malt powder
  • 1 cup water
  • add caster sugar, drinking water, and peanuts into the pan.
  • Now it is important that you adjust the level of heat. Use midium high heat. If you use too low heat, the nuts will be cooked too long and in the end you will get the burnt nuts before the sugar form its crystal. So, you should be more careful on selecting the right heat level. Otherwise you may get the dark chocolate peanuts instead but I swear you cannot eat that bitter nuts ha ha ha. Oh ! did you notice my hands holding the camera reflected on the pan side?
  • Boil the mixed ingredients approx. 5 minutes. This depends on the pan quality, the heat level, and the water quantity. Just notice that the syrup start boiling up.
  • Now that the syrup is boiling, start to stir the nuts in the pan. Otherwise, I can tell you that you may have to waste your nuts 100% or else it is possible to get the space wagon nuts instead because the nuts will stick together like the rock plate.
  • From now onward, if you make the larger quantity such as double or triple amount from this recipe, I can guaranty that you will have the arm wrestling training machine in your kitchen. For better wrestling team, call your husby, wife, sisters, brothers, whoever around the house to be spared. Enjoy your training!!! Hahahah…
  • 7 minutes passed
  • 12 minutes passed and it is thicker?
  • 13 minutes passed, almost complete dehydration
  • 15 minutes passed, are you ready to increase the stiring speed? Oh!! honey you must do in order to avoid the nuts to stick to each other like rock plate.. After you have done this cooking, you can become one hand Keen & Jerk weight lifter. Congratulation in advance.
Beside the cooking pan, you need the wide flat tray for cooling the cooked nuts. You can also use the flat plate. In worst case, the normal dish is also applicable but I will instruct you one more procedure later. If yesterday you are angry with your husby/wife and broke all dishes in your kitchen, you can prepare a few pcs of A4 paper instead. Don't worry use what you have