Woon Maphrao On (Young Coconut in Jelly)

Young coconut (maphrao on). Young coconut is found in most open-air markets is also fairly widely available from street vendors. Easily recognizable as a cylinder topped by a point cost is usually 10 baht, occasionally 15, sometimes as high as 20. Even some restaurants carry them, usually still very reasonable.

  • 2 tbsp. Agar Agar
  • 5 tbsp. sugar
  • young coconut
  • Cut the shell like in the photo
  • Boil coconut juice
  • Add sugar and Agar Agar then wait until it's dissolved.
  • Then, pour it over the filter cloth. 
  • Add young coconut
  • Pour it in a block or back into the shell . 
  • Then, leave in refrigerator until it gets solid.
The normal storage temperature is 2 days storage in a refrigerator 2 weeks.


foodbin said…
your homemade young coconut in jelly looks more appetizing than those sold in the shops-love the tender flesh of the coconut.
sangeeta said…
lovely n light.......
Jyoti Bhat said…
Is the species of coconut different in Thailand? The juice of the tender coconut is unoformly sweet. How do they manage that?