Phuek Tod Nam-Tan (Deep-fried sugared taro)

The recipe is easy but the timing is difficult to master, unlike other desserts, this one requires the full attention of the chef in the cooking. At best, the dried sugar syrup should embrace the taro like a casing after the stir-fry, sugar, is on the outside of the taro rather than inside.

  • 1 kg. Taro 
  • 400 g White sugar
  • ½ cup Water 
  • Peel the taro. Trim the ends and sides of taro to make a rectangular block, then slice about 2 or 3 cm thick. 
  • Stack the slices and cut into sticks 2 cm wide (just a tad bigger than that of the pommes Pont Neuf).
  • Deep-fried with pre-heated oil to golden in color and make sure it is well-done.
  • Remove the taro and the oil from the wok.
  • Add white sugar and a little water. 
  • Cook the syrup slowly until the surface of the liquid bubbles. 
  • Add the fried taro.
  • remove the wok from the fire immediately. 
  • Switch on a fan in full gear and stir the taro in the liquid in the wind. 
  • Which way the wind blow does matter in this case: blow to the taro so the syrup can solidify during the stir-frying.