Khao Niew Dum Piek Pheuak (Taro in Black Sticky Rice Pudding)

Black sticky rice (or black glutinous rice) is a naturally sweet, dark rice (dark purple more than black) that has both fiber and loads of antioxidants which only makes this baked rice pudding extra enjoyable to eat. You can cook black sticky rice on your stovetop or in your slow cooker or rice cooker. You'll be amazed at the unique taste of the rice in combination with the coconut milk. Add a dab of coconut cream on top, and you have a healthy dessert that's very delicious and guilt-free!

  • Soak the sticky rice in water overnight. 
  • Drain and rince twice.
  • Steam for 15 minutes in a Thai rice steamer. 
  • Place into a saucepan with the water, 
  • add taro cubes and boil for 12-15 minutes until the rice and taro is soft. 
  • Stir in the sugar and salt, mix the corn flour with a little water and stir that in to thicken the rice. 
  • Continue heating and stirring the rice until it is thick, then spoon it into bowls. 
  • Warm the coconut milk through and pour a little over the rice. 
  • Then Enjoy! ;)