Khanom Khai Nok Gata (Deep-Fried Sweet Potato Balls)

This street dessert call “Khai Nok Gata” Some areas may be called “Khai Tao” dessert waffle Is a very popular snack in the past, since the Sukhothai – Ayudhya period even Rattanakosin to present. Tt is easy, cheap and tasty favorite Eating easier. Look as pale yellow balls made of sweet potato then fry it taste sweet.

  • 150 gms Sweet Potato 
  • 200 gms Wheat Flour 
  • 125 gms Cassava Starch Flour 
  • 400 gms Icing Sugar 
  • 1 tbsp Salt 
  • 1 cup Milk 
  • 3/4 Baking Powder 
  • Oil for Deep Frying 
  1. Clean and peel the sweet potatoes, steam until they are cooked and leave to cool. You can check they are cooked by sticking a fork in them. 
  2. Mash finely, add the sugar and mix it in. 
  3. Mix the cassava flour and baking powder and mix into the potatoes. 
  4. Add the milk a little at a time and mix it in. You want the mixture to be a thick dough, add more or less milk to adjust the consistency. Leave for 1 hour. 
  5. Deep fry small balls of the dough in medium hot oil until cooked. 
  6. Serve hot.


      yummy! looks like so tasty! I'll try to make it soon.