Tua Kieow dtom nam tan (Mung Beans in Sugar Syrup)

You can make a lot of delicious things with mung beans, and this sweet dessert is one of them. It very delightful. And that’s not all, beside that this dessert very delicious, it has a high nutrition value and very easy to make.  But I guarantee you its worth to making this dessert and most of the time little children like this dessert. It’s really good for them because of the nutrition value and they would like it because it’s sweet to which comes from sugar syrup.

  • ½ cup Mung bean (cut out waste powder, beans and nuts, and then rock out)
  • ¼ cup Brown sugar.
  • ½ cup White sugar (to taste the flavor).
  • 4. 6 cups water.

  1. Separate the good beans and broken beans. Enter by bringing water mixing bowl. 
  2. And poured into beans. Copy beans floating And the black pigment.
  3. Rinse beans thoroughly.
  4. The beans are roasted at a low heat. And the aromatic.
  5. Set water roasted peanut aroma and then only put in a water setting.
  6. When boiling water. Adjust light to low heat until beans are done cooking task a little soft.
  7. Add granulated sugar Season to taste with sweet sugar raise enough boiling down.


Green beans are boiled sugar suppress food expert Like to do a simple But the technique Tips & Tricks and much good if the cause is known as the menu or calf that is because I need to keep more always
  1. The time must be roasted with fire roasted mild or not done, the black is strictly prohibited. Because of cooking time. Bean will never soft. If cooking for a long time Maturation is not uniform.
  2. To see if cooked beans, cooking time do I have more persistent because the distance from every 5 minutes until done. Task becomes much money. Not very far apart. Always need to keep more.
  3. People are not very strong person because of turbid water, he does not.
  4. Impatient with sugar quickly before the beans are soft, not cooked. Brown will go nuts because the nuts, not a soft strap.
  5. Brown has resulted in the clear water.
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Spangles Sweets said…
Interesting dessert! I have tried cooked mung beans with sugar as a child. It's nutty and sweet. Simple but yummy. :)
Alisa said…
I had an aunt who used to make this for me when I was young and I loved it.I hope you could add this Mung Bean widget at the end of this post so we coud add you in our list of food bloggers who blogged about Mung Beans, Thanks!