Khao Tou (Stir Sweetness Sun Dried Rice)

Khao Tou is a Thai dessert made from rice, the rest eating.  By make them to the rice mill and then dried thoroughly.  Mix of water with sugar and shredded coconut together. Add roasted rice and stir to first sort mold insert pot.  Baking with smoke fragrant candle and Jasmine flower.

  • 1 cup sun dried steamed rice.
  • 1 cup Sugar Palm
  • 2 cups shredded coconut
  • ½ cup water
  • Fragrant Candle
  • Jasmine flower

How to cook:
  1. Bring sun dried steamed rice to roast until turn to yellow and crispy and ground thoroughly. 
  2. You should separate out the rough ground and pounded it again.
  3. Mix sugar palm, shredded coconut, water and ground rice in a big pan, picking up scent and heat,
  4. Continue stirring until shredded coconut sticky well.
  5. Poor the roasted rice into pan and stir to combine to raise.
  6. Preparing the mold with oil make easy to bring dessert out from mold and made it clearly see the pattern.
  7. Mold the dessert into a ball size fit with a mold and press firmly and strike out of mold until finish.
  8. Bring all the “Khao Tou” keep in a pot (must big enough)
  9. Add jasmine flower in the pot and turn candles light and place on top of the Khao tou and blow off fragrant candle and then cover the pot.
  10. Leave it over the night.