Tropical Fruits: Santol (Ka-Thon)

Santol is also knows as katon or wild mangosteen or sandorica. It's a tropical tree that originates in southeast Asia.

Santol or Ka-Thon in Thai is native to former Indochina and the Malaysian peninsular,  cultivated in India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia, the Moluccas, Philippines, Mauritius.  The fruits are round with some wrinkles extending a short distance from the base. Their diameter is 4 to 8 centimeters. The color is yellowish, pinkish to golden. The whitish fluffy rind contains a milky juice. This edible juicy pulp is sweet or sour and surrounds 3 to 5 brown seeds which are inedible.  Santol trees can be very high up to 45 meters tall.  Propagation of santol is by seeds, air-layering, inarching, or by budding onto self rootstocks.  Harvest by hand picking, or use a stick to twist the fruits off.   Fruits are usually eaten raw.  Cut the fruit in half and spoon out the pulp.  Santol seeds are inedible. 

In Thailand Ka-thon in the Northeast called the move to and bugs to North called Ma Tung and Ma to the South called Nylon Tien Sa beat drugs reflect cabinets and Sato the bar Malaya called Sand Tall is a common that Santol name.

Origin of the band Ka-thon Malaya and Southeast Asia near the equator. 2 species found in Thailand Ka-thon Forest.  Santol  and sweet .  Former Thai Ka-thon  growing  popularity of home and garden. For remove it and reap the living shadow.

Ka-thon a tree has medium to large in Burma, hundreds of leaf longevity large end pointed dark green leaves. Flower Bouquet Ka thon into.  Each flower bouquet is the little white cream Ka-thon shaped somewhat circular or round keys diameter of 10-15 cm of raw green smooth skin of ripe yellow gold Or brown, rough furrowed surface along the length of effect The texture is fluffy, white seed meat Ka-thon gather a tuft There are about 3-5 of each lobe, each lobe with 1 seed Ka-thon sweet sour  beef.  Some  sweet variety.  Some varieties sour Area adjacent to the shell can be edible Sour and astringent.  Ka-thon that results in the first year will match the cork protruding pole. This first call Ka-thon course is that when the result was 4-5 in the round key Ka-thon will not even teat shape changes. But the taste remains the same.

Ka-thon the fruit can be excellent drought tolerance.  Productive period June to September.  Every sector has grown nationwide.  Santol  grown very  Prachin Buri, Nonthaburi and Chon Buri, Phitsanulok, Surat Thani and maintenance of water should be pruning, fertilization and weeding.

Ka-thon the area of a fuzzy edible white rind and flesh torch is a popular eating fresh fruit dip with salt, pepper. Or sweet sauce. The sweet smell of cooked food such as curry several frogs Ka-thon Savings catfish curry. Ka-thon Hungley curry paste. Curry Roasted santol.  Fried Tofu Ka-thon,  Ka-thon Miang Kam, Ka-thon preserved fruit in syrup , Ka-thon crystallized jam and jelly, stir Ka-thon etc.

Ka-thon popular varieties are planted with 3 species Ka-thon soft, Krathon to be fruitful.  Round key characteristics of moderate size. Shell  surface  smooth.  White sugar stand thin sweet flesh is soft,  fluffy coat with sour thick full grain sweetened organized seed size medium Santol species down The mutation is Ka-thon from Doonghiib species.  The big key, no sphere of CO smooth surface details. When arrested more soft velvety Fluffy white meat in sweet close.  Harvesting during June Growing very Prachinburi.  E santol species hunt. The mutation is santol species from E. Wai. Why ancient people called e hunt. Because the results later than other varieties (La means slow) e-Cola is larger than the other varieties when the cortex is organized as yellow or brown shells. Meat is a very soft fluffy white. Growing very Nonthaburi and Prachin Buri E-hunting from Nonthaburi taste completely. Section from Prachinburi sour taste harvesting during June to July.

Food value and properties:
Ka-thon the fruit contains the anti Sin Dan out high Antioxidants help.  Skin cancer prevention and blood solving wind colic. Ka-thon rich meat proteins, carbohydrates, fiber iron calcium acetate Night Vitamin A Vitamin B1 and Vitamin C leaves boiling water bath sweating fever dermatology drugs off the roots using hot neutralize toxic fever. Torque solve malaria, diarrhea and low water and vinegar.  Dgoonged in help solve drinking and driving winds.